October 26, 2007

‘We knew we were getting married in Aruba. What we didn’t know was that our original plan, that it would be just the two of us, on Palm Beach, with a Aruban Reverend, was going to change drastically. First my stepson Tony volunteered to be my Best Man, and Stephanie, good friend of the family, volunteered to be Kathy’s Brides Maid. Next, to our astonishment, my parents (NOT Island people) asked to join us, and Kathy’s Boss Kristi, who had been to Aruba before with her, asked to be there as well. We then found out that Kathy’s CEO was already going to be on the Island with her husband, who volunteered to do the photography. What we now needed was a wedding co-ordinator, someone who could help us catch the serenity of the island in a simple spiritual ceremony, and thus, into our lives came Bonny Stanley. How did it work out? Well if a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a few to go by. We’ll leave it to say, we started with a wedding co-ordinator, and left with a life long friend.’ We love you Bonny.