July 29, 2015

Well to start with we got engaged on Christmas day 2014 and having been to Aruba a number of times we decided that it would be the perfect place to get married. So where to begin, after starting to research the requirements I thought that it impossible to complete all the paperwork & legal documentation required. That’s where Bonny comes in, after contacting her she not only walked us through the process but made me feel completely comfortable with our decision. We had about seven months to set up everything so we had no rush, Bonny walked all our paperwork through the court system in Aruba ‘this is a major thing trying to accomplish this from outside would be a problem’. When we arrived Bonny & Nathaly met us the following morning I was nervous having only communicated via E-mail to that point, this lasted about 2 seconds they both made us feel like we knew them forever. They both were fun and took us around to the places we would be using. Eagle Beach is awesome, not only a great view but we had baby sea turtles to watch. The best surprise was the place for the civil ceremony, I was thinking that we would have to go to the Aruba DMV or some ‘government take a number place’. In Aruba they use a fully restored house that belonged to the islands first dOctoberor, this place is fantastic we have a great love for history & we would pick this place anywhere. The civil was two days later and came-off better than we could of hope for the Government official was very polite & professional the ceremony wonderful. Tania, Bonnys photographer is very friendly you feel that you have known her forever so taking the pictures is fun & comfortable. We did the beach ceremony the following evening at Eagle beach (sunset) Bonny had the beach setup with our flowers, Reverend John talked to us and made us feel completely peaceful. The Wedding was more than beautiful with the sun going down. Bonny had suggested that we use her friend Becky to drive us to & from our hotel this worked out well we did not have to rush for anything. Bottom line this is the fairy tail wedding that you always hear about. My Wife & I would suggest that if a island wedding is something that you are interested in that Bonny & Nathaly are the only ones to take care of all the details legal and other.Thank you once again.